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About us and our mission

Your partner for a tomorrow worth living.

Thanks to courageous decisions and innovative action together with companies from various industries and countries, we develop effective climate protection.

How everything started

Ten well-known companies in Vorarlberg founded the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025 at the beginning of 2015. The goal of the initiative was to make all corporate activities climate neutral by 2025 at the latest.

The alliance was open to all interested companies – because the more companies participate, the more powerful the initiative becomes and the more everyone benefits from the mutual exchange.

Outgrowing itself

With almost 200 companies participating from a wide range of industries and countries, it was clear that an expansion of our range of products and services as well as a fresh face was necessary.

That’s why we want to use turn to zero to address the increasingly noticeable change in culture and our global climate.

Effective climate protection requires more than commitments and compensation. It needs sensible and courageous decision-making, innovative action and strong cooperation.

To make this possible, we want to stand by our clients with the best possible support so that corporate commitment becomes more than empty declarations and companies can communicate their commitment credibly and with pride.

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As the largest energy service provider in Vorarlberg, illwerke vkw AG stands for breaking new ground, the development of technical innovations and taking ecological and social responsibility. The issue of sustainability is firmly anchored in the core business of illwerke vkw. For example, illwerke vkw AG generates electricity exclusively from hydropower and other renewable energy sources and produces peak and balancing power for the international market, thus contributing to the stabilisation of the interconnected European grid.

The company sees itself as a creator of the future that boldly treads new paths and sets future-proof standards. Illwerke vkw AG faces challenges with passion and creates the prerequisites for a successful environment through innovations.

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